Taking care of others is another of GVN's pillars. With personalised and specialised assistance services, thanks to professional teams and with the highest training and certifications, we can guarantee everything the guest needs, making them feel pampered and safe, in case of any need.

From health and psychological care to physiotherapy, from provision for special diets with catering for guests and visitors, to more lifestyle-orientated services, such as hairdressing and make up, or linen laundering and rental.

  • Health, nursing and psychological care
  • Specialised physiotherapy services
  • Organic cooking dietary chart and special diets on medical prescription
  • Food service for guests and visitors
  • Hairdressing and beauty service
  • Linen laundering and rental
  • Socialising activities for guests
  • Assistenza religiosa

Our services in the field of

Health Care

Health, nursing and psychological care

We offer the opportunity to take advantage of healthcare, nursing and psychological care to the individual where necessary, so that visitors and guests have the guarantee of specialised support if necessary.

Specialised physiotherapy services

When you need a physiotherapist, it is good to have reference figures to whom you can turn with confidence, for your own peace of mind and that of your guests. GVN also assists you in providing specialised physiotherapy services.

Organic cooking dietary chart and special diets on medical prescription

We know how to provide for special diets based on medical prescriptions and stick to the dietary charts of organic cuisine suggested by nutritionists, so that the areas of Food & Beverage with specific needs are also guaranteed.

Food service for guests and visitors

We offer tailor-made and personalised catering services throughout for the well-being of your guests and visitors, so that the experience is complete and unforgettable and above all following the highest food standards, as well as all the hygienic-sanitary standards provided.

Hairdressing and beauty service

The eyes should also be given a treat: for this reason, for us, services such as make-up and hairstyling for ladies and gentlemen are no less important, it is always perfect for every occasion, both for pleasure and for work. Relying on professionals, even in this case, makes a difference.

Linen laundering and rental

The linen laundering and rental service is increasingly requested in establishments of all levels: it is important that guests and visitors can contact you with the guarantee that their request is also met to the best of their ability, and it is the task of GVN to provide you with coverage in this sector as well.

Socialising activities for guests

The entertainment and amusement of our guests are among the most important aspects of their stay at the establishment. For this reason, GVN will be able to guide you through the selection of ad hoc social experiences and activities appropriate to the establishment, so that visitors are never bored.

Religious assistance

For those who wish to care not only for the body, but also for the spirit, it is necessary to consider religious assistance services, which cover the individual needs of beliefs, trying to satisfy the guest in his/her requests to fulfill his/her own prayers and personal rites.

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