Logistics is the basis of all good functioning: without organisation, no apparatus can support other services. GVN is a leading partner in the integrated logistics sector, providing outsourced management, warehouse and archives, thanks to the necessary spaces in our allocation.

Not only that: it coordinates transport and removals, also dealing with manual and mechanised porterage. Our duties also include handling, handling of bulk and palletised goods, warehousing of goods and industrial and civil cleaning.

  • Outsourced management, warehouse and archives
  • Transportation and removals
  • Manual and mechanised porterage
  • Handling
  • Handling of bulk and palletised goods
  • Storage of goods
  • Industrial and civil cleaning

Our Services in the field of


Outsourced management, warehouse and archives

Together with the customer, we define the type of logistical support, as well as the necessary spaces that they need; we can receive what has been agreed in storage and then store, repackage or ship it.

Transportation and removals

With GVN, transport and removals are no longer a problem: thanks to our professionalism and efficiency we can transport different materials, even fragile, with weights and sizes of every shape, being perfectly organised to guarantee a top-of-the-range service.

Manual and mechanised porterage

We take on - in every sense - the heavy lifting, which is often tricky and difficult to manage. We guarantee you a serious and solid porterage, thanks to a team of skilled and experienced workers, able to handle heavy goods that can be difficult to transport.


We take care of all the operations from A to Z in the collection of the goods and in the relative conditioning in view of the shipment, taking care of the complex operations related to the loading, unloading and control of the various transfers.

Handling of bulk and palletised goods

Efficiency, rapid times and economic competitiveness are values that today's market requires alongside high quality: these values are also reflected in the freight handling service, whether they are loose, bagged or palletised.

Storage of goods

We safeguard your goods by offering a personalised temporary storage service for goods at our warehouses. Our spaces are well organised and perfectly suited to the storage of goods.

Industrial and civil cleaning

We offer teams of experts and professionals in the company cleaning sector, with specific products based on the need and the sector to which they belong, as well as for civil cleaning, which concern living spaces and therefore sustainable products with the habitability and permanence of the relative environment.

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